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re:-Ms Sue ict

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thanks Ms Sue.
for ict i need to answer these questions about copyright designs and patents act:-

list three ict and three non-ict things covered by the copyright designs and patents act.

ive looked on the different websites but i cant find any .id be very grateful if you could help me because i am struggling.
thankyou so much :)

  • re:-Ms Sue ict -

    What do you mean by "non-ict things?"

  • re:-Ms Sue ict -

    thats what i did not understand.
    the non-ict things i have thought of are:

    clothes labels (designer names)
    products (like sweet names)

  • re:-Ms Sue ict -

    sorry i forgot to say thankyou for being so kind to help me and taking the time. thanks:)

  • re:-Ms Sue ict -

    Exactly what is meant by "ict"?

  • re-writeacher -

    ict is information computer technology.

  • re:-Ms Sue ict -

    list 3 things that ict covers by coypright and patent act

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