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1. You have recently found a location for your bakery and have begun implementing the first phases of your business plan. Your budget consists of an $80,000 loan from your family and a $38,250 small business loan. These loans must be repaid in full within 10 years.

The first question is What integer would represent your total budget?

My answer is: $118,250.00

Second question is Twenty-five percent of your budget will be used to rent business space and pay for utilities. Write an algebraic expression that indicates how much money will be spent on business space and utilities. Do not solve.

How do I write this expression? would it be 0.25*x= 118,250

Third question is How much money will rent and utilities cost? Explain how you arrived at this answer.

118,250 *0.25= 29,562.50

are these correct? and if not what is the correct answer and what did I do wrong? can anyone help check my answers please thanks..

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    1st and 3rd questions look ok. Isn't the answer to the second question the same as the third except that the third is solved and the second one is to be the expression? So it seems to me that y = amount spent on utilities and rent = 0.25*118,250.

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