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In a triangle ABC, angle B is 3 times angle A and angle C is 8 degrees less than 6 times angle A.

The the size of the angles.

Size of angle A is =
Size of angle B is =
Size of angle C is =

can someone please help me with this..? I am very weak at geometry...and math in general, please let me know the best way to solve this problem... thank you I would really appreciate it

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    How do I find the missing angles??
    I know that in triangles it is always 180 degrees but how do I figure out the missing angles?

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    show hat if AB is a ray the coordinate of A is {p:f(p)>0}

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    the triangular playground has angles whose measures are in the ration 5 : 6 : 4 what is the measure of the smallest angle?

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