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fraction help algebra

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Write the equation passing through the points (-9, 6 ) and (1, -5). The worksheet has multiple choice, so I know y intercept is either 39/10 or -39/10.

I have -11/10x plus b
then -11 (1) is -11
10(1) is 10

Then -5 plus 11/10
I change -5 to -15/10 but I'm getting -26/10.

What am I doing wrong?

  • fraction help algebra -

    Given P1(-9, 6) and P2(1, -5)
    If the line is not vertical, the line through the two points has a slope of
    This should eliminate some of the choices.
    To find the intercept, you can use
    =-(11/10)x - 39/10
    confirming one of your two options.

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