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Another Data Management Question

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Rain is an amazing singer, but cannot play any instruments. He desperately wants a rock band that has a drummer, a guitarist, a bass player, and himself on vocals. He decides to post an ad at the local coffee house for open auditions for his band - The Combinations.
At the auditions, Rain gets 5 females and 9 males trying out for the remaining 3 positions in the band that can play all the instruments.

a) What is the probability that the band will have 3 males and 1 female?

b) What is the probability that the band will have at least 2 males?

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    Follow the logic i gave you in your previous post. Remember, the formula for n-choose-x is n!/x!*(n-x)! where ! means factorial.

  • Another Data Management Question -

    hint for b) Since Rain is male, having at least two males means picking at least one male. Which is equal to (1-P) where P is the probability of picking 3 females.

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