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solve using the addition principle.


I have not done one of these problems with the less and greater sign... can someone please help me? thanks

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    Well, when working with the less and greater signs (or inequalities as they are called), you can always work in the same as you would do with normal equation (in other words, just replace the less and greater signs with an equals sign).

    So for this equation you would get:

    -6+x=5 if and only if
    x=5+6 if and only if

    Now, in the final step, you replace the equals sign back with the greater sign, so you get:


    When working with inequalities, you have to keep one thing in mind:

    if you multiply each side of your inequality with a negative number, you have to change your less sign into a greater sign, and vice versa.

    e.g. -5x > 10

    if you multiply both sides with -(1/5), then you have to change the greater sign into a less sign:

    x < -2

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    thank you so much, I wrote down your helpful tips appreciate it

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