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I have a word problem in my homework that confuses me.

How long is 1 billion seconds simplified into years then months then days, etc.

Years then months then days as in xx years xx months and xx days to count to 1 billion seconds. Just one answer not an answer each for years, months and days.

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    well, first divide 1 billion by 3600*24*365=31536000. This is the number of seconds in one year. You will find that
    So, now you know there are 31 whole years in that 1 billion seconds. Next you subtract that 31 years from your original 1 billion seconds.

    1000000000-(31*3600*24*365)= 22384000 seconds remaining.
    Now, you have to find out how many months are in those 22384000 seconds you have left.

    there are on average 30 days in each month, so: 3600*24*30=2592000 seconds in each month. So:
    You now know that you have 8 full months in you remaining seconds.

    Now, 22384000-(8*30*24*3600)=1648000 seconds remaining.
    There are 3600*24=86400 seconds in every day,
    1648000/86400 = 19,07
    So there are 19 full days in those 1648000 seconds remaining.

    1648000-(19*24*3600)=6400 seconds remaining.

    You can easily find that this is exactly 1 hour 46 min and 40 seconds.

    So in total you have: 31 years, 8 months, 19 days, 1 hour, 46 min and 40 seconds in your 1 billion seconds

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