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Just need these checked to see if they're correct-

24. Differences in the landscapes and resources of the Nordic nations have produced different
a. political systems
b. language and religions
c. economic activities
d. relative locations

3. What is the European Union?
a. a cooperative banking and transportation organization
b. a government management organization
c. a European defense organization
d. a proposed alliance that has never been realized
B? I'm not sure about this one because my text says 'world's largest trading block' but that doesn't fit any of the choices

6. Most of the Nordic region has a mild marine west coast climate because
a. winds blowing over the North Sea bring abundant rain to the region
b. the warm currents of the North Atlantic Drift moderate the weather and keep the coast free of ice
c. the region lies in the northern latitudes and reaches into the Artic Circle and the polar zones
d. mountains running through Norway prevent the warm, moist ocean winds from reaching the area

* The capital of Germany is: Berlin
^ correct?


  • Geography -

    on #3 I think A would be the best of those choices.

    Yes, Berlin is capital of Germany

    24 is correct,

    I think you need to go back and look at your geography book on #6

  • Geography -

    I disagree with your answers to 24 and 6.

    Check these sites for more information.

    I'm not as sure about 3, but I believe there's a better answer. The two obviously wrong answers are c and d. That leaves a, which comes closer to describing the EU.

  • Geography--PLEASE CHECK -

    For number 24, my text says: "Nordic nations share a northern location, a common religion, related languages, and similar political beleifs." I think that leaves only C.


  • Geography -

    OK. C must be right for 24. I chose b because each of the Nordic nations has a different language (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish). Although the others are related, Finnish is far different. Another clue that you're right though is that the question refers to "landscapes and resources," thus reinforcing the idea of economic activities.

  • Geography -

    Alright, thanks


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