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The El Paso middle school girls basketball team is going from El Paso to San Antonio for the Texas state championship game. The trip will be 560 miles.their bus travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour.

The bus route also travels through Balmorhea, which is 1/3 of the way from El Paso to San Antonio. About how long does it take the bus to get to Balmorhea?

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    Use the formula:
    Rate x Time = Distance traveled

    Rate is always the something per something- miles per hour, meters per second, etc.

    For the stop at Balmorhea, you must first figure the distance. Use the question itself for your answer.

    Balmorhea IS 1/3 OF the way from EP to SA.

    Is means equals, of means to multiply.

    Balmorhea's distance = 1/3 x the total distance

    Now you can plug Balmorhea's distance into the RT = D formula I gave you above.
    Let me know if you need more help :-)

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    time for whole trip =560/60 hours = 28/3 hours

    to Balmoral is 1/3 of the distance, therefore 1/3 of the total time
    (1/3)((28/3) = 28/9 = 3.11111 hours or
    appr. 3 hours, 7 minutes

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