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can anyone show me how to work this problem out thanks in advance

The Census Bureau provides data on the number of young adults, ages 18–24, who are living in their parents' home (the data include single young adults who are living in college dormitories because it is assumed these young adults will return to their parents' home when school is not in session).

Let the variables M and F represent the following events.

1. M = the event a male young adult is living in his parents' home
F = the event a female young adult is living in her parents' home

If we randomly select a male young adult and a female young adult, the Census Bureau data enable us to conclude P(M) = .56 and P(F) = .42 (The World Almanac, 2006). The probability that both are living in their parents' home is .24.

What is the probability both young adults selected are living on their own (neither is living in their parents' home) (to 2 decimals)?

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    any can help me please?

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