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7th grade Pre-Algebra

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Using the definition, 10(to the negative sixth power) = 1/10to the six power and x(negative2) = 1/xto the second power

The definition also shows that 1/10to the six power = 10to the negative 6th power and 1/xto the 2nd power = x(negative2)

I think that's the directions :S

1. 3to the negative1st power
:? Sorry, I'll retype the directions if you get confused, I, aswell, am confused. :/

Please help,

  • 7th grade Pre-Algebra -

    what do you want done?
    evaluate 3-1 ?

    = 1/3

  • 7th grade Pre-Algebra -

    Heres the directions, in everything :\
    I don't get what you said.
    Represent each expression using positive exponents.
    2. E(to the negative fourth poewr)f

  • 7th grade Pre-Algebra -

    3x to the power four +2x square y square -y to the power four

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