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I tried to get this, but really I am unable to can someone please help me a little with this, then maybe I will be able to do the rest.

make an organizer to compare government under a republic(the commonwealth), an absolute monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy. Use the following headings: the ruler, the role of law, and the rights of people.

. . . . Ruler . . . . Law . . . . People


Ab. Mon______________________________

Con. Mon______________________________

please help, seriously thhis is so hard

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    Sara, since you haven't completed any part of this assignment, I can only assume that you haven't read your text or even tried to fill in this table.

    Certainly you know who the ruler is in a monarchy.

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    yeah, but still I really don't know what info to put there, like for the constitutional monarchy would it be oliver?

    i am so confused

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    like seriously what am I supposed to put on those lines?????????????

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    In a monarchy, the king or queen is the ruler.

    You need to look at more than just the time period you're studying today.

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    okay, my answers might be wrong but I'll try

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