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In each of the following cases, explain whether you think the situation is efficient or not. If it is efficient , why not? What actions would make the situation efficient? (a) Electricity is included in the rent at the your dorm. Some of the resdients in your dorm leave lights, computers, and applicances on when they are hot in their rooms (b) Although they cost the same amount to prepare the cafeteria in your dorm consistently provides too many dishes that diners don't like such as tofu casserole, and too few dishes that diners do like, such as roast turkey with dressing (c) The enrollment for a particular course exceeds the spaces available. Some students who need to take this course to complete their major are unable to get a space while others who are taking it as an elective do get a space

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    Take a shot what do you think?
    Hint: for efficiency ask two questions: 1) is the resource going to the person who values it the most? and 2) Can you make some somebody better off without making someone else worse off.

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