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11th grade

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I REALLY need help on math because I can't understand what my teacher is saying in class.
Here's the question : Sixteen metres of fencing are available to enclose a rectangular garden.

a) represent the area of the garden as a function of the legnth of one side.

b) graph the function

c) what dimensions provide an area greater than 12 m ^2?

Please help me learn how to do this.
I'd appreciate it! =D

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    Assistance needed.

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  • 11th grade -

    the the width be x
    then the width is 8-x

    a) Area = x(8-x)
    b) graph it
    w l Area
    1 7 7
    2 6 12
    3 5 15
    4 4 16
    5 3 15
    6 2 12
    7 1 7


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