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Solve the indicated variable:

1. Volume of a cone: solve for h: V=¨ir^2h/3

2. Temperature formula: solve for C: F=9/5C+32

pleaseeeee help me solve these! plzzz! i have nooo idea how to do these. THANKS! =)))

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    your first formula should have been
    V = pi(r^2)(h/3)
    multiply by 3
    3V = pi(r^2)h
    divide by pi(r^2)
    3V/(pi(r^2)) = h

    in the second , multiply each term by 5
    5F = 9C + 160
    9C = 5F - 160
    9C = 5(F - 32)
    C = (5/9)(F-32)

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