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Homework Help: Spanish

Posted by Larry on Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 2:40am.

Can someone please check my work?

The following friends are standing in line, one behind the other, to go into the movies. They are in the following order: Julia, Anibal, Santiago, Pedro, and Lucia. Complete the sentences below, stating where each is in line.

1. Lucia es la (quinta) persona.

2. Anibal es la (segunda) persona.

3. Pedro es la (cuarta) persona.

4. Santiago es la (tercera) persona.

5. Julia es la (primera) persona.
Look at the numbers next to each drawing that indicate the floor on which you can find each item. Use ordinal numbers to complete the sentences.


1. Hay sillones en (el primer) piso.

2. Hay alfombras en (el quinto) piso.

3. Hay radios en (el cuarto) piso.

4. Hay lámparas en (el segundo) piso.

5. Hay televisores en (el tercer) piso.
Pablo, Marcos, Letty, Mirna, and Julio are waiting in line at the bookstore. They are standing in line in the same order they have been mentioned.

1. Mierna es (cuarta) en la fila.

2. Marcos es (segunda) en la fila.

3. Pablo es (primera) en la fila.

4. Julio es (quinta) en la fila.

5. Letty es (tercera) en la fila.

I seem to be having difficulties with ordinal numbers. Can you please explain how they work?

Muchas Gracias!

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