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can you check please/
1.Rochelle purchased an appliqance that cost $815.56 with interest included. She paid $250.00 as a dwn payment and agreed to pay the remainder in 18 monthly payments. What amount will she be paying per month? =31.42
2.find the circumfrence of the circle use 3.14 as pie round you answer to one decimal place the radius is 12 ft.=75.4 ft
3.a shopping center is rectangular with dimension of 660 yd by 110 yd what is the size in acres?=15 acres
4.the cost of 36 items is $24.80 what is the cost of an individual item to the nearest cent? =0.69
5.find the lcm of 150,36,245 =
gcf of 60,24,48 =12
6 Jaque earns $8.50 per hour for overtime he earns $13.20 per hour if he works 48.5 h in a week what pay should he receive?=$464.20
7. There is a rectangular piece of land that measures 40ft by 70 ft in the middle there is a square sandbox that is 6 ft on each side the rest of the land is covered in grass what percent of the land is covered by grass rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent? 2954sq ft
8. write the following as a common fraction or mixed number in lowest terms 6.38= 6 19/50

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    1,2,3,4,8 are right.
    5 I didn't check.
    I don't get your answer for 6.
    7 asks for percent not square feet.

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