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can someone help one this question?

suppose you are given two liquids and told that one is a compound and the other is a mixture. how might you determine which was which? describe one method you could use.

please and thank you

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    What might be the differences between liquids in a mixture? They might have different... what?

    Boiling points?

    Freezing points?

    Density, which in liquids we often measure as specific gravity.

    If it's a mixture, the two liquids will very probably have different boiling points, so you could separate them by fractional distillation. Of course, they would likely have different freezing points too...

    Alternatively, they will likely have different densities, so you could use acceleration - just leave them in the container until gravity settles one below the other, or accelerate them in a centrifuge to separate them.

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    It's a joking question........... Wtf....hmmmmm....

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