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Trigo help!

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Ok, i've tried this question, and it brings me to no answers. Please help!

Prove the following:

my workings:
secY + tanY/cosY
= 1/cosY + sinY/cos^2Y
= ???
How should i attempt this question?? Am i even on the right track? Please help, much appreciated!

  • Trigo help! -

    When I come across an unusual trig identity to prove, the first thing I do is try some arbitrary angle.
    Since it is an Identity it should be true for any angle
    e.g. Y = 30ยบ
    LS = sec30(1+tan30) = appr. 1.821
    RS = 6csc30 = 12

    No wonder you can't prove it, it is not true !

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