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Homework Help: Social Studies (continued)

Posted by Happy Face on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 5:27pm.

British political system in north America:

Fill in the blanks with these words:

In England:
King George III

In the American Colonies:
Colonial Governors
Town Meetings

3. This person is the main connection between the colonial assemblies and the king and parliament. If parliament passes a law, this person passes it along to the colony. If a colony has an issue, this person passes the message to parliament. _____________

4. Suppose a colony needs to raise taxes to pay for a new building for the local government. Who would make the decision to tax the colonists? ____________

5. A silversmith wants to discuss whether or not new taxes are fair. He would take this complaint to _____________

6. This group is similar to our congress. They are the law making body for the entire nation. _______________

7. This group is similar to our county council. They make decisions that effect the entire colony. ____________

Please Help!!
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