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In the sentence.........His hair is the color of shimmering gold.........what part of speech is gold? The teacher said it was an adjective but I believe it is a noun

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    I agree -- if that is all of the sentence, then "gold" must be a noun. It's the object of the preposition "of" -- and therefore must be a noun or pronoun.

    However, if the phrase is something like this -- "of shimmering gold coins," then gold is an adjective.

    What is the entire sentence?

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    That was the complete sentence. The odd thing is she said both shimmering and gold were adjectives. Even if she believed gold was an adjective, then shimmering would be an adverb as it modifies the 'adjective' gold. Of course what I had was shimmering (adj) and gold (noun)

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    Thanks for the additional information. I guess we all have "brain farts" and bad days. <g>

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