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Posted by Marina on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 4:06pm.

Libertarians are also referred to as economic socialists.


Is that right??

The Defence of Necessity would likely have been successful in Latimer's case if his defence lawyer could have proven that this daughter Tracy wanted to die.
Question 8 answers


Positivists views law as

a) a mechanical analysis which questions the law's morality.
b) systematic approach which requires lawyers to argue for the application of ethics to judicial decision making.
c)the legal manifestation of Parliamentary Supremacy.
d) a series of possible answers which can be applied based on the facts of each case.
I believe the answer is A.

One reason the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the Latimer's mandatory minimum sentence was to denounce the act of murder.
Question 17 answers

Where is says TRUE, it is a TRUE and FALSE Question..

Are my answers correct?

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