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Math-check my answer

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check my answer please.....
1 euro is worth 1.2 U.S dollars
if I budget 150$ per night for a hotel room. What is the maximum number of euros I should spend for a room?

My answer is 108 euros as a maximum (with an actual number of 107.425)


  • Math-check my answer -

    I get a different number.
    $150 x (1 euro/$1.20) =

  • Math-check my answer -

    Bob are you getting 180 euros ?
    That was my first answer but it looked wrong

  • Math-check my answer -

    No. Are you using a calculator. 150/1.2 = 125.

  • Math-check my answer -

    Yes, Christy, $180 is correct.

    Think of it this way. If you buy a cup of coffee for 1 Euro, you're spending U.S. $1.20. As DrBob showed, you multiply the number of Euros by the amount you paid in U.S. dollars for each Euro.

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    So she should only spend 125 euros that would be the equivalent of 150$ US ?

    I am confused as to what the true answer should be ?

  • 24x^2y^11/(8xy^6) -


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    8.5 x 0.12

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