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Can you just help me with this thanks

Directions: Tell which property is being used for each step I will give you an example

Example: prove that if 4x-8=-8 then x=0
Given: 4x-8=-8
Prove: 0

A. 4x-8=-8 Given
B. 4x-0 Addition property
C. x=0 Division property

Problem I need help with:

prove that if 3x-2=x-8=-3
Given: 3x-2=x-8
Prove: x=-3

A. 3x-2=x-8 given
B. 2x-2=-8 ?
C. 2x=-6 ?
D. x=-3 Division

  • Geometry -

    by the way that 3 on the second problem for the answer is -3 and on the example the 8 on the equal side is negative sorry for any confusion

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