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Find the derivative of cos(sqrt(e^(x^3)cos(x))

I got -sin(sqrt(e^(x^3)cos(x))*((sqrt(e^(x^3)cos(x))

Do I just leave the e^(x^3)cosx alone since it's "e" or do I still have the find the derivative for it?

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    The derivative of e^(x^3) has to be treated as a function (e^x) of a function (x^3). The derivative is not e^(x^3)

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    Thanks. I got it after 50+ tries. lol

    Answer was: -sinsqrt(e^[(x^3)cos(x)])*(1/(2sqrt(e^[(x^3)cos(x)])))*e^((x^3)cos(x))*[-x^3sin(x)+3x^2cos(x)]

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