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Chemistry II

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17.5 mL of oxygen gas were collected at room temperature 22C and 100.2 kPa of atmospheric pressure.

a. How many moles of oxygen gas were produced?

b.What is the molar volume of the oxygen gas at the conditions in the laboratory?

note, how do you change kpa to atm?
sorry about the other post.

  • Chemistry II -

    1 atmosphere = 101.325 kPa.
    Use PV = nRT
    Convert 22 C to Kelvin and use V in Liters. Solve for n = number of moles.

    b. The molar volume is the volume occupied by one mole of the gas at STP (pressure of 1 atm and T of 273). But the problem asks for the molar volume of oxygen at the conditions in the laboratory. If you don't have new numbers for the P and T in your lab, I assume the problem means to use 22 C and 100.2 kPa for the room values. Substitute those values and n=1 and solve for V.

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