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what aspects of life in 17th century england would you find the most different from life today. select three or four concrete examples of life in the 17th century that seem unusual and explain why you find them unusual.

aspects of life in 17th century england which I find the most different from life today is the smell, houses, streets, and cleaness, also the clothing people wore

is that enough, please list more if you have some, thanks. oh and I need help on the second part/second question

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    Those are good -- but you need explain why YOU believe they're unusual.

    For the smell -- where did it come from? What caused it? Horses, infrequent baths?

    For the houses -- consider that they were usually small with only one or two rooms. Two or more people shared a bed. Fleas were rampant.

    You might also consider the fact that most children didn't go to school and often were out working by the age of 10 or so.

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    i believe that these are unusual because in life today the streets are more cleaner, the air/smell today is full of good fragrance, the houses are more brandnew and tidier and the clothing people wear today are in more fashion.

    is this right?

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    Please include more information about the way these things were back in the 17th century.

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    in the 17th century the living quarters for ordianry people were small and cramped with whole families living in 1 or 2 rooms. many other people lived in dire poverty with little or no oppurtunity to improve their lives. people then had a lack of bathing and often wore dirty clothes. also they didn't have time to clean their personal area that much.

    is this right

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    Yes. You could go into more detail -- but that is right.

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    the houses,

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