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A boy sitting on the edge of a vertical cliff fires a rock with a slingshot at a velocity of 16.45758956 m/s and an angle of 59.78 degrees above the horizontal.
The rock lands in a lake at the base of the cliff, a horizontal distance of 89.67 meters beyond the base of the cliff. How high is the cliff in meters?

Please explain steps and how to get there. please Thank you!!!

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    break the initial velocity into vertical and horizontal components with the sine and cosine.

    horizontal distance=vihorz*time
    solve for time in air.

    in the vertical:
    hfinal-hinitial= vivert*time-4.9t^2
    solve for hfinal-hinitial.

  • physics -

    i got an answer of y=-420.2599461m
    is this right??

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