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A fire helicopter carries a 615 kg bucket of water at the end of a cable 19.5 m long. As the aircraft flies back from a fire at a constant speed of 40.5 m/s, the cable makes an angle of 35.2o with respect to the vertical. Calculate the force of air resistance on the bucket

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    The bucket experiences three forces:
    (1) its weight, W = 615*9.8 = 6027 N down
    (2) air resistance Fx, horizontal
    (3) cable tension T

    Write two force balance equations:
    W = T cos 35.2
    Fx = T sin 35.2

    from which T can be eliminated, to give
    Fx/W = tan 35.2 = 0.705

    Solve for Fx

    The length of the cable does not matter.

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    thanks a lot. that really helped.

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    Thankyou! I had same problem type but different numbers & all but this really helped! thankss.

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