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1. Are the following soluble, insoluble, or partially soluble.

- Benzophenone in hexane?
- 1-octanol in hexane? I think soluble?
- 1-butanol in water? in hexane?
- methyl alcohol in hexane? I think partially soluble?

Please help me and explaining would be greatly appreciated.

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    I wouldn't think benzophenone to be that polar; therefore, I would think it would be soluble in hexane.

    1-octanol is insoluble in water (The Merck Index) therefore, probably soluble in hexane.

    1-butanol; 9.1 mL soluble in 100 mL water @ 25 celsius according to The Merck Index. Miscible in ether; therefore, probably soluble (or at least partially soluble) in hexane.

    Methyl alcohol. According to The Merck Index, MeOH is miscible with benzene; therefore, I would think it would be soluble in hexane

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    50.0 mL of water and 50.0 mL of hexane are placed in the same flask. 5.0 g of salicylic acid are added to this mixture, the flask is capped and the mixture is thoroughly shaken, not stirred. What will be the result?

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