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I have to find the type of organisms that the Black alder (plant) competes with or will displace. I have been googling this forever but I still cannot find the answer. Can someone please help!! Thanks

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    As a member of the Birch Family, it is related to the Birches, Hornbeams, Filberts, and Hophornbeams, in addition to other Alders.

    So wouldn't it displace its near kin?

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    The alder is a fast growing plant that grows relatively tall with a dense canopy. Thus it will tend to exclude plants which can't out grow it and because of the dense canopy will tend to cause there to be little plant growth under the canopy, typically low density of ferns and mosses. Because of the rapid growth it will tend to displace slow growing species such as oak. Alder also has the ability to colonise a wide range of soil types, especially acidic soils which will tend to exclude many other species.

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