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I need to write a poem with the word ALGEBRA but the only problem is that my teacher wants complete sentences with each letter instead of a word for a letter. Can you please help?

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    Algebra is useful math.
    Lots of people enjoy it.

    I'm sure you can finish it from here.

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    Algebra is useful math.
    Lots of people enjoy it.
    Getting the hang of it is pretty hard.
    Everyone learns it sometime or another,
    But some are brave enough to show it off.
    Rapid fire algebraic equations are given to solve
    All but half the class get them right.

    does this make sense

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    Looks great!

    Please note that I'm a lousy poet -- but I think you've fulfilled this assignment very well.

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    Thank you!

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    Here's a little bit of help, but I'm not exactly a big help. Sorry.

    L- could be something like:
    Loss of hair is a common side-effect when working with complicated algebraic expressions
    Lots of mathematical rules and numbers have been known to cause really bad headaches or frustration.

    R- Ratios were once suspected of causing insanity amongst students nation-wide.

    Yeah, I didn't like algebra that much--I mean, it IS extremely useful, and it CAN be (at points) enjoyable, as Ms. Sue had previously stated, I just didn't like it that much.

    Anyway, for the rest of it, just be creative, I'm sure that each sentence doesn't have to relate to algebra, so just make up some random, appropriate stuff, and have fun with it. =)

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