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10th grade English

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This is my intro for my Julius Caesar essay. _____ represents different characters and qualities in the play. Please check any mistakes or awkward phrases thanks

Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare during the Elizabethan era, is one of the most well-known plays even to this day. This tragic literature deals with the conspirators¡¯ plot to assassinate the famous Roman leader, Julius Caesar, and the ramification that follows as a result. Shakespeare¡¯s play is set in a time during ancient Rome where it reached its brink of chaos and leadership becomes a key virtue to save the Empire. It is through _____ and _____ showing their values of _____ and _____ the playwright represents leadership. Despite the fact that they both possess potential qualities of being a leader, _____ stands out to reflect as a better leader throughout the play.

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    I am assuming your thesis is ???? is the best example of leadership in the play. IF so, the intro is good, with minor nitpicks:

    ...Rome where it reached its brink of chaos ? and leardership becomes a key virtue to save the Empire. I would reword all that.
    The next sentence "It is through.." Why not Through .... and .... the playwright demonstrates qualities of leadership. Then in the next sentence, instead of "they", use the names, and the last clause, "stands out to reflect" I would rephrase that.

    Now if your thesis is not on leadership in the play, this intro is off the mark.

    Frankly, I thought the play was about power, hate, and corrupted morals;and that is what has endured it to immortality.

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