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A Hollywood Daredevil plans to jump a canyon on a motorcycle. There is a 15 m drop and the horizontal distance originally planned was 60 m but it turns out the canyon is really 69.6 m across. If he desires a a 3.2 second flight time

I've figured out the upward motion part of the problem still having trouble with the downward motion (landing angle and final velocity). Can someone explain thanks a lot for all the help

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    I did the entire thing for you.

    Vf is the vector addition of Vhoriz, Vvertical.
    Vhoriz= 15cosTheta.
    Vvertical= 15sinTheta - 4.9*3.2

    Now the landing angle: Tan Thetaland=Vv/Vh and I just laid out those two for you.

    Vlanding= sqrt(Vv^2 + Vh^2) or you can do it with trig.

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