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Homework Help: Number Line

Posted by Sue on Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 12:01pm.

If an integer a is pictured on the number line then the distance
from the point on the number line that represents the integer to the origin is ƒaƒ.

Using this idea answer the
a. Explain why ƒa 2 bƒ is the distance between the points that represent the integers a and b.

b. One way to define “less than” for integers is as follows: a , b if and only if a is to the left of b on the number line.

Consequently b . a if and only if b is to the right of a.

Use these ideas to mark on a number line all integers
x such that:
(i) ƒ xƒ , 5 (ii) ƒ xƒ , 1
(iii) ƒ xƒ $ 5 (iv) ƒ xƒ.21

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