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Posted by holly o on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 6:53pm.

Does this sound like a reasonable answer?
Here is the question:– Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism. Give an example of reciprocal interactionism (influences among a person, a situation, and a behavior). Provide an example of mechanistic interactionism (a trait, a situation, and the relationship between a situation and trait). Do you support one view over the other? Why?
My answer:Correct me if I am wrong Sanjat, but didn’t Skinner hold these same ideals? Skinner argued that it’s useless to speculate on private, unobservable cognitive process as asserted by Freud. Instead, Skinner deduced that behavior is determined by environmental stimuli.
Interactionism, in general, is the concept that situations and personalities interact to determine the behavior. Reciprocal Interactionism, simply stated, is a relationship amid people and situations; the interaction of a person’s traits and behaviors with the environment to produce a particular outcome. Whereas Mechanistic Interactionism is how the situation affects behavior.
Reciprocal Interactionism: Aggressive behavior prompts angry interaction and friendly behavior prompts warm interaction. A more in-depth example may be if a child sees another child helping someone in need, this may encourage a future behavior or mannerism, of the observing child to help someone they see in need of help.
Mechanistic Interactionism may be correlated with a compulsive behavior. Someone who feels really passionate about the environment may feel compelled to either pick up trash left by an individual who has littered, or feel compelled to confront the individual about littering, which may result in an aggressive communication depending on the traits of each individual.
I would say that I support both: each offers behaviors that are beneficial; one can teach empathy by encouraging positives behaviors (reciprocal), while the other can teach control.

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