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Homework Help: Geography

Posted by mysterychicken on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 5:33pm.

Need help with these-

17. The climate on the Caribbean coast of Central America in rainier than the climate on the Pacific coast because the Caribbean coast
a. recieves moisture throughout the year from the northeasterly winds blowing toward Central America
b. has no high mountains to prevent moisture from reaching the area
c. lies at a higher elevation
d. has many inlets and lakes

18. Which of the following is NOT true in regard to Brazil's interior plateau?
a. It experiences periods of drought
b. Its soil is often devestated by heavy rains that cannot penetrate the dry, hard ground
c. Poverty is prevalent in this region
d. Farmland is productive due to fertelizers that combat the periods of drought

Are there any links that can help me?


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