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Psychology - Collective Unconscious

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I'm supposed to make a PowerPoint about the collective unconscious of my culture, but I just don't understand the idea of it. What exactly are some of the collective unconscious symbols?? It didn't really explain it in the textbook...

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    Let me give you a few symbols.

    a young woman wearing a miniskirt
    an older woman wearing a miniskirt
    A very pregnant woman wearing a miniskirt.

    A very fat person eating a whopper with bacon, jumbo fries, with a shake.

    A black teen with a knife in his hand.

    A motorcycle baby on her own bike.

    A baby in its crib.

    a picture of the front of a church.

    Now on the concept itself. Jung supported these collective unconscious, Freud did not. Freud looked to individual unconscious, and Jung looked to culture psyche. Frankly, I tend to agree with Freud, which is rare for me.
    I guess it depends on what you are trying to treat.

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    Since this is not my area of expertise in psychology, I searched Google under the key words "Collective unconscious symbols" to get these possible sources:

    These are just some of the potential sources. In the future, you can find the information you desire more quickly, if you use appropriate key words to do your own search. Also see

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    im doing the same paper, and your question helped my a bunch! thanks!

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