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What are the most abundant resources in this region?
A)soil and coal
B)minerals and soil
C)water and soil
D)minerals and water
my choose is b

most europeans who came to africa south of sahara between 1400s and 1700s?
A)avoided the african interior
B)explored the african interior
C)sailed inland up the rivers
D)established plantations
my choose is b

tropical rain foresgt in the region can receive ________ of rain a year.
A)more than 250 inches (635 cm)
b)less than 12 inches (30.5cm)
C)more than 60 inches (152 cm)
D)more than 500 inches (1,270 cm)
my choose is c

  • check geo -

    First question: What region are you talking about?

    Second question: It isn't B

    Third question: C is correct

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