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When dry and empty, a flask had a mass of 27.31 grams. When filled with distilled water at 25.0 deg C, it weighed 36.84 grams. After cleaning and drying, the flask was filled with chloroform and found to weigh 41.43 grams. At 25.0 deg C, the density of water is 0.9970 g/cm^3. What is the density of chloroform?

  • Chemistry -

    mass = density x density
    M = DV
    Applying this to water,
    36.84g = (0.9970g/mL)(V)
    For chloroform,
    41.43g = (x)(V)
    Dividing the left sides and right sides, we get:
    41.43g / 36.84g = (0.9970g/mL) / x
    (the equal volumes cancel out)
    Solve the above proportion for x

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