March 26, 2017

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Essay Topic:
Describe the geography of southern South America and how this geography influences economic activity?

This is what I've got:

Southern south America consists of numerous physical regions with varying landforms, climates, and vegetation. There are four rivers that form national boundaries: the Uruguay, the Pilcomayo, the Paraguay, and the Parana. This immeasurable river system provides an inexpensive and efficient way for people to transfer goods

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    Besides great rivers, southern South America also has grasslands. The pampas of Argentina and Uruguay are one of South America’s best known features. These temperate grasslands were formerly home to gauchos, the boys who herded cattle there. Today the pampas are Argentina’s bread basket because they produce about 80 percent of the nation’s grain and about 70 percent of its meat.

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    South of the pampas is the windswept plateau of Patagonia. Patagonia is a barren, dried up, cold, and sometimes foggy plain which is well suited for raising sheep. It has rich deposits of oil and bauxite.
    Paraguay is landlocked and its economy is based on agriculture, mostly cotton, grains, and livestock.

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    Raising livestock, processing meat, and making products such as wool and leather, is a part of Uruguay’s economy as well. About 75 percent of the land is devoted to livestock grazing and another 10 percent to raising grain to feed the cattle and sheep. Uruguay produces no fuel and only some consumer goods.

    Is this OK?


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    MC I think you have covered the topic very well. The only thing that you might add would be the industries that are important that rely on goods produced in that area.

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    Thanks Guru, I'll do that (:


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