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Struggling to answer completely and logically, please critique the below:

Question: What were the similarities and differences between the five regions of British Colonial America and what factors worked to create a shared “American Identity” by the mid 18th century?

At the Albany Congress, Franklin said that the colonies should come together and have a group called a council which would make sure that there was like policies for defense, for territory expansion, and for affairs with the Indians. These factors all worked toward a shared American Identity.

Some similarities between the five regions of British Colonial America were the English language. They all knew how to speak English. They shared the same English traditions. They each had English military which defended them. They also each had English governors and forced trade with England.

Some of the differences between the regions of British Colonial America had to do with weather and the lifestyles. The South, with the warmer climate, had the farmers. The Northern colonies, with the colder climate, manufactured or fished. The frontier colonies hunted for fur and the middle colonies were farmers and fishermen. Middle colonies had an individual style rather than the controlled style of the New England communities.

The above described shared identity allowed the common defense, and an expansion of territory, and led to affairs with Indians. There was also a significant increase in British imports. This growth led to distinct colonies and tensions which led to the great awakening.

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    This is very good.

    You might also include the religious differences between the colonies, but also their shared desire to be free to worship as they wished. How about the growing dissatisfaction with the British rulers and what the colonists believed to be unfair taxation laws?

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