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Methanol (CH3OH) is produced commercially by the catalyzed reaction of carbon monoxide and hydrogen:

CO (g) + 2H2 (g) -> CH3OH (g)

An equilibrium mixture in a 2.50 L vessel is found to contain 2.62e-2 mol CH3OH, 0.170 mol CO, and 0.303 mol H2 at 500 K.

Calculate Kc at this temperature.

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    Write the Keq expression.
    That is
    Kc = (CH3OH)/(H2)^2(CO)
    Calculate concns of each by dividing the equilibrium in moles/2.50 L, plug those into the Keq expression and run the numbers through a calculator.

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    the density of methanol at 20c is 0.791g/ml. what is the mass in grams of 280ml sample

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