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Algebra 1

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Lately I just have blacked out in my algebra 1 class. Here's a equation on my worksheet, and I would be happy if you could show in steps how you got your answer. Thank you.


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    this is not an equation, it probably says to "simplify" it.

    how about pretending to see it as :

    1(2x²+5x+3)-1(x²+2x+1) , then
    = 2x²+5x+3-x²-2x-1
    = x²+3x+2

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    Yes it does say simplify it, I'm sorry. I understand how you got that, but what if I had something like this.


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    You start by ordering the terms. The priority of ordering is
    1. name of variable in alphabetical order.
    For example, put 2xy before y²
    2. power of variable in descending order.
    Example: x²y is placed before xy²
    3. The constant term will be placed at the end.
    After that, you would have collected like terms together. Add/subtract like terms. For example, 2x²y + 4x²y = 6x²y.

    For 4x-2xy+3x²+y+5xy+x²y
    Ordering gives
    3x² + x²y + 4x + 5xy - 2xy + y
    Add like terms, if any (5xy-2xy=3xy)
    3x² + x²y + 4x + 3xy + y

    That is all you can do. You cannot add/subtract unlike terms.
    x²y and -2yx² are like terms.
    xy and 3x² are unlike terms.

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