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1. Q: 2|3x-5| when x=(-3)
A: 24

2. Q: |6-x|+4 when x=5
A: 5

Simplify the expression.
1. (-4)(-x)(x^2)
my answer: 4x^3

2. (24)(-5x)(-x)
my answer: 120x^2

3. -x(4-x)
my answer: -4x-x

4. -4t(t+2)
my answer: -4t^2+(-6t)

5. b^2(4-b^2)
my answer: 4b^2-b^4

6. (c+3c^2)(-c^2)
my answer: -c^3+(-3c^4)

Can you check and see if my answers are right? Any help is appreciated.

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    redo the first one.
    then 3,4 are wrong.

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    3. -4x-x^2
    4. -4t^2+(-8t)

    please check those again.

    and when you say redo number 1, which one do you mean:
    a. 2|3x-5| when x=(-3)
    b. (-4)(-x)(x^2)

    thanks!! :)

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    The first one?1. Q: 2|3x-5| when x=(-3)
    A: 24

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