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With exacty seven horizontal or vertical jumps, remove all seven red checkers leaving the single black checker.

There's 8 pieces on a grid, the black is in A1 and and reds are in A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4.

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    According to instructions, the pieces are placed thus:


    or see page 6 of the following link for a visual illustration.

    According to the rules of checkers, jumps are made diagonally, and a jump must land on a vacant square.

    It can be done in one move if
    1. diagonal jumps are permitted, and
    2. the black piece can jump forward and backwards, like a king, and
    3a. the black piece can land on and capture a red piece, or
    3b. if A3 is vacant (i.e. capturing a total of only 6 red pieces).

    The move is A1*A3*A5*C3*A3*C1*A1 where * denotes a capture.

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    It doesn't say you can make diagonal moves which is why I'm confused

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    It doesn't say the captures have to be done in one single move either. In any case, I do not see ways of doing it either. If you find the answer, please post it for the benefit of readers.

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