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How many kilojoules of energy are released from the carbon carbon single bonds when glucose (C6H12O6) is burned???

i asked this before but i don't really understand it any better.

can someone please explain it differently

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    I don't know who answered your question nor what the answer was. You must look up the energy of a C-C bond (your text should have a table of bond energies and that will list the C-C bond). My book shows that as 347 kJ/mole. Here is a site that shows the glucose molecule.

    Note that if we draw the C-C bonds in a straight line, something like this,
    C-C-C-C-C-C, there will be 5 bonds to break; therefore, multiply 347 kJ/mole x 5 bonds = ?? kJ/mole for glucose. Having said all of this, there is no real answer for your question since you don't list the amount of glucose burned, unless you quote it as ? kJ/ mole.

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    thank you that helps :)

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