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find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point express your answer in the form x=a,y=b,ory=mx+b m=-2,(5,0)
Do not understand this question.

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    The usual equation of a straight line with a know slope is
    y = mx + b
    where m is the slope, and
    b is the y-intercept.

    The question provides you with the slope m=2 and a point P(5,0) through which the line passes.

    The equation of a line passing through a point P1(x1,y1) with a slope of m is

    In effect, what you are required to do is to substitute the given values of m and (x1,y1) into the above equation, and simplify the resulting equation into the form y=mx+b.

    Unfortunately the form of the equation y=mx+b does not work when the line is parallel to the y-axis when the equation takes the form x=a, or when the line is parallel to the x-axis, then it takes the form y=b, where a and b are the x and y-intercepts respectively.

    Give the problem a try and post your answer for verification if necessary.

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