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an average family of four uses roughly 1200 liters (about 300 gallons) of water per day (1 liter=1ooocm cubed) . how much depth would a lake lose per uear if it uniformly covered an area of 50 square kilometers and supplied a llocal town with a population of 40,000 people ----
this is from a textbook, but I do know which one it is

  • math -

    Calculate the volume used per year, V, in cubic metres. Note that there are 1000 l. in 1 m³.

    Calculate the surface area of the lake in square metres, A.

    The decrease in depth, D, is V/A metres, assuming no river feeds the lake, and no change in volume due to evaporation and rain.

    V=1200 (l.)/1000 (l/m³)*40000 (people) * 365 (days)
    =1200/1000*40000*365 m³
    S=50 (km²)=50*1000*1000 (m²)
    Calculate V, S and D=V/S

  • Physics -

    50,000,000 sq m
    1.2x10,000 (10,000 families of 4 = 40,000 people)
    12,000 m^3 per day * 365 days = 4,380,000 m ^3 per year
    Depth = 4,380,000 m ^3 / 50,000,000
    Depth lost = 0.0876 m^3

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