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I'm sorry I didn't see your comment before, thanks for the first part. Ok so I think these are the verbs, but I'm not sure which are which.

"Every November, bands from across the country visit New York City for the big Thanksgiving Day Parade. Even on COLD days when winds or LIGHT rain might SCARE away spectators, the parade IS on schedule. The crowd LINES the parade route and will STAY untill the last float has driven out of sight. As bands STRUT down Broadway, drum majors POUND their drums, members of color guards rhythmically WAVE their flags, and baton twirlers TOSS their batons into the air and CATCH them as they TWIRL downward to the ground. Meanwhile, giant, colorful cartoon balloons like Betty Boop, Spiderman, and Bart Simpson, and other favorite characters ARE overhead. For young children, the parade remains an eventful experience and becomes a fond memory in their lives."


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    You think all the words in capital letters are verbs? They are not.
    visit = verb
    Cold = adjective
    light = adjective
    scare = verb
    is = verb
    lines = verb
    stay = verb
    has driven = verb
    strut = verb
    pound = verb
    wave = verb
    toss = verb
    catch = verb
    twirl = verb
    are = verb
    remains = verb
    becomes = verb

    Is that what you meant?


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    Evidently you didn't read my response below. Please do so.

    You've found most of the verbs in the rest of the paragraph. However, you've still missed five verbs in the last sentences..

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    Ooops -- I didn't see your first line above. Sorry.

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